What can you do with our diploma?

Not a single, not a double, but a joint degree
Our diploma is not a usual one. You will, in fact, get a joint degree of four universities from four countries. In other words, when you choose University of Belgrade as your home university, you will obtain not only a diploma from Serbia, but from Austria, Macedonia and Croatia as well – a single document signed and sealed by four Rectors.  

Access to PhD studies
With this joint degree, you have better chances of enrolling doctoral studies, whichever and wherever you like.

Added value: learning regional/foreign languages
If you want to learn a South-Eastern European language, don’t miss this two-in-one opportunity: learn the language both as part of your studies and as part of your exciting life in Belgrade. If you already speak a language from the region, you can learn the language spoken in the country you choose for your mobility semester. More details

An attractive, non-exhaustible list of places for internship is waiting for you in Belgrade/Serbia and at all our partner universities. You can obtain your ECTS through internship, gain experience and make valuable contacts for your future career. More details

Career Opportunities
The scope of your opportunities depends on the specialization you will choose in the 3rd semester: political science, economics, history, international relations, cultural studies, law, social policy, journalism… More details

Would you like to be employed, for example, as:

  • Expert/analyst in South East European politics and economy
  • Advisor/mediator  in conflict resolution and foreign affairs
  • Teacher/trainer in all fields of specialization
  • Consultant


  • National, regional and local governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • International organizations
  • Education and training
  • Media and communication
  • Business sector
  • Scientific research
  • Consultancy