Module D: Cultures and Societies (compulsory module, 10 ECTS)

Content: The module explores key aspects of culture from a historical and contemporary perspective, and will include music, literature, art and film. The cultural themes will explore modernization, urbanization, the role of the region in European developments and its view from outside. The module will identify regional trends, rather than discuss national histories separately. In addition, it will discuss South-Eastern Europe as a region in its larger European context. The module further explores the concept of political culture and civil society in the context of South-Eastern Europe and investigates on the role of social movements and the organization of civil society as well as the impact of family structures and gender roles on relations between society and state

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • understand the historical context and problems of changes in societal structures and the need for their “interpretation” through cultural studies
  • examine the cultures and societies of South-Eastern Europe in a comparative and regional perspective
  • interpret artistic production from South-Eastern Europe in light of the regional context

Teaching methods: lectures and seminars

Preconditions for participation: none

The courses of this module will be offered in such a way that the module can be completed within one academic year.